APEAS is very much aware of the need to provide efficient and comprehensive services that conform to the requirements of the Client and to provide documentation that ensures the required quality standards are being achieved.

A quality control engineer is employed at each site. All works are done under the supervision and control of him. There are laboratories at sites when needed, to check the quality of concrete works. An architect checks and controls the finishing works. Our quality management process complies with the Turkish Standards (TS), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and German Standards (DIN) and Uzbek norms. The quality control engineer reports to the project manager daily and it is submitted to the head office monthly.



Detailed programs of the project works when the project commences, clearly indicating all key milestone dates and representing a vital element of the overall program for the project shall be prepared.

We will plan, control and coordinate our work together with the works of others as time and coordination of the works to be undertaken are of the essence. All of the previous contracts have been completed on schedule. We are using different Project Management software

Our existing presence in the country will significantly assist in the mobilization of the works and will enable the earliest possible start on site once all necessary approvals and permits have been obtained.



The source of management and engineering staff will be Turkey. Skilled and competent personal will be mainly sourced from Turkey and unskilled labor will be mainly recruited locally.

Only skilled personal will be employed for the execution of the works. Therefore no on-the-job training regarding skills is envisaged.

However, regular training regarding safety, security, health and environment protection programs will be carried out at site.



The source of management and engineering staff will be Turkey. Skilled and competent personal will be mainly sourced from Turkey and unskilled labor will be mainly recruited locally.

In the ongoing project in Uzbekistan only approximately 20-30 % of the labor is provided locally. A similar percentage is also envisaged for this project.



Daily reports are taken in working plan at site. Monthly reports are given to Headquarters in Ankara. All the works should be done according to the time schedule.



Temporary facilities to support the construction and completion of the facility will be provided at the site. These are including as follows:

Accommodation and amenities for staff and labor

Sanitary accommodation

Temporary Site office for Contractor’s workforce, including facilities for the company.

All temporary warehousing and storage yards for the protection and storage of permanent plant, equipment and materials and temporary facility material with an area of 300 m².

Temporary fencing with a height of 2 m.

First aid facility

All temporary equipment and material including shoring concrete forms, bracing, ladders, scaffolding staging, tarpaulins etc.

All utilizes to operate and service the foregoing facilities including telephone, fax and radio communications, potable water and electric power.



The site, the works, products, material, plant and any existing buildings affected by the works will be adequately safeguarded from damage and theft. All reasonable precautions shall be taken to prevent unauthorized access to the site, the works and adjoining property. Field safety inspections are conducted by safety personnel wherever needed.